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Lynea NEW
WELCOME, Dear One!
Are you a single, curvaceous, ready-to-love woman who wants a great relationship but is feeling frustrated, let down, and undervalued in your dating experiences? Would you like to go from feeling disappointed by your romantic prospects to feeling deeply confident, valued, sexy, and alive – in YOUR body and AS YOU ARE today?

If so, I want you to know that I’ve been there. Like you, I’ve struggled to find my way on dates and in a dating culture that prompts women to feel ashamed of their bodies, fearful of putting themselves out there, and less than worthy of love.

I also want to say that there is another way – an exciting, joyful, and empowered path that can help you turn your painful romantic disappointments into the sensual freedoms of self-expression, self-discovery, self-acceptance and, yes, the beautiful love and partnership you desire.

This is what I teach through Empowered Attraction, a *body positive* and *health at any size* approach to navigating the dating world. Are you ready to attract a magical relationship? Would you like to walk the empowered path to love?

I invite you to apply for a free 30-minute consultation. During this call, we’ll discuss your relationship desires and tools you can start using right away to make your desires your reality! Submit your application request here:

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